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How to start Affiliate Marketing

To become successful in affiliate business, you need to implement a holistic approach. You cannot exclude any techniques. And that will be a loop hole in your approach. For example, you may mistakenly left out email marketing technique. Then, how will you reach your target audience. So, this course starts from the very beginning level-what is affiliate marketing before diving into more advanced concepts.

What will I learn in this course?

The course is divided into 7 modules. Each module made a complete discussion on a specific topic.

Module 1: Affiliate networks

How to choose your niche

Module 2: YouTube

How to make passive income through affiliate marketing on YouTube

Module 3: Free Facebook Traffic

  • How to set up a profitable affiliate Facebook page/Group
  • How to get free traffic to your Facebook page

Module 4: Running Facebook ADS

  • Building an effective Facebook AD campaign
  • Split testing and optimizing

Module 5: Instagram

Getting free traffic through Instagram for affiliate sales

Module 6: Review and blog sites

  • How to build a website quickly
  • Review and blog site example
  • How to rank your review/blog site for massive sales
  • Effective copywriting that sales

Module 7: Email marketing and automation of your affiliate business

  • Understanding the sales funnel and how to own traffic
  • The secret Email sequence



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