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Download ASINspector PRO v2.4.12 Cracked for Free

ASINspector comes with the promise to make ecommerce business easier and more efficient. From now, research and reverse research have become less time-consuming with saved searches and other brilliant features.

Features at a glance

  • Spy on your competitor to find out what you have to do right away to supersede them.
  • Mobile Scan allows for scanning your mobile device (both Android and iOS) from anywhere.
  • Filtering lets you search your desired category of products almost effortlessly.
  • Import allows you to import a large number of ASINs at a time.
  • Related Keywords make it easy for businesses to find their keywords using Google and Google Trends
  • Store and Save allow you to store and save your desired/favorite searches for future uses.

Instructions to follow

  • Go to Chrome and type this ‘chrome://extensions/’
  • Turn ON the ‘Developer Mode’ from the top right corner.
  • Download the program from the above link
  • Unzip the archive to your chosen location.
  • Click the ‘Load Unpacked’ tab and choose the folder path of the unpacked zip archive.
  • Attention! Avoid removing folder in the location where the pack was unzipped because Chrome may read from there instead of the standard extensions folder located in yours profile.
  • Log in to your regular Facebook account!

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