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– free email marketing services (Tutorial)

Email marketing is proved to be quite effective to reach specific customers. This marketing approach is ideal for small business owners since they do not have much budget to launch a website, run Facebook Ad campaign. Using the right email newsletter service ensures getting the new clients and retain them. If you are new to email marketing, you may not aware that creating free email that does not require phone number is very difficult. However, there is a free email marketing software Yandex Mail from Yandex that will allow you to do so.


What will I learn in this course?

The course discusses different hidden tricks of email marketing. You will lean many effective techniques:

  • What are the spam compliant acts?
  • Good, bad and ugly side of affiliate marketing company
  • Which affiliate marketing offers to choose
  • Black Hat Emailing Techniques – how to make money through black hat emailing
  • Black Hat Mailers – A review of the most notorious BH mailers past, present, future what’s effective and what’s obsolete
  • Proxies, email accounts, etc- how send emails through proxies and emails, which ones to use and where to get them
  • Legality of Emailing a complete discusses on the role of organizations such Spamhaus and Spamcop
  • How to detect and report Spam Everything from analyzing the header of messages to forwarding spam to the proper authorities
  • Go Daddy Mailing Method
  • How to create your own highly intelligent means of communication to your target niches



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