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Cold Email Clients free marketing (Tutorial)

Many people do not know what is cold email. It is about sending an email to a potential customer without having a prior relationship. It is one form of free online marketing.  You may think it is one kind of spamming. But there are 5 differences between spam and cold email. One difference for example, is sender name. In cold email you use your real name. But in spam people use fake name.

What will I learn in this course?

  • What are the key ingredients of a cold email?
  • How to write a cold email from scratch using 6 important pieces?
  • How to avoid being marked as spammer when sending cold email
  • The legal issues related to cold email-when you can and cannot send email to business owners.
  • How to find email address of potential clients?
  • What is the perfect time to send a cold email so that it does not get lost in Inbox?
  • Research cold email scripts to find the best script that will get clients attention and will inspire them to reply



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