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ConnectIQ Academy make millions on Facebook Ads

The Facebook ad is now becoming the mainstream method of reaching the target audience. Television or Newspaper commercial can reach hundreds of thousands of customers. But there is not guarantee that you can reach at your potential customers who may purchase your product. And here comes the Facebook Ad. You can reach your right audience with Facebook Ad. As a result, rate on investment or ROI is higher in Facebook Ad.

What will I learn in this course?

 The course is divided into 6 modules. Let’s see what will you learn from different modules.

Module 01: The Ads Foundation

  • The basics of running profitable Facebook advertising campaigns…
  • Why to use multiple Facebook pages
  • How to set up a Facebook Ad account
  • How to find the OPTIMAL sales funnel type
  • The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that everyone need to avoid
  • How to set up Facebook pixel accurately
  • How to structure your campaigns for maximum profit

Module 02: The perfect Ad

  • How to create Ad along with all the templates you need.
  • When to use different Ad formats for improved results

Module 3:  Targeting secrets

Learn how to target your prospective clients

Module 04: Retargeting secrets

How to get started retargeting- this is an extremely popular topic

Module 05: : Budget, Bidding and Scaling

How much budget you need to allocate at the start of your campaign

Module 06: Execution Blueprint

This module covers Facebook automation process



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