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Dental Marketing Confidential – affiliate marketing for dummies (Tutorial)

The competition is fierce among dentists regarding getting more clients. So, they are looking for cost effective ways to market their practice. Dentists are well paid. They don’t hesitate spending money on marketing.  Affiliate marketing for dummies course is designed for dentists so that they get more clients and earn almost $100,000 a year

What will I learn in this course?

This course describes techniques that are similar to affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, your main objective is driving more traffic to your affiliate website. For dentists, they need clients. So, the objective of this course is teaching dentists technique to get high paying clients.

The course is divided into 4 modules. Below are salient feature of the course:

Module 1

  • How to get your first client paying you 1k to 2k per month in less than 2 days!
  • How to bust-out and secure a 10k+ per month income in your very first month

Module 2

  • Using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool.
  • How to get an appointment in 4 hours
  • Facebook Ads. The Basics and How To Capture Leads For Your Client
  • Example ads. Ad writing formulas
  • Secret sauce methods for winning ad campaigns
  • High end versus low end offers to promote and how to make each work
  • How to use FB pixel

Module 3

  • How to get clients How to be picky and only work with these types of clients
  • How to tell in 2 minutes that your prospect is bleak and how to not take them on as a client or accept money from them
  • The way to be the hunted instead of the hunter
  • How to turn your clients on to FB advertising
  • How to manage client
  • How to automate your life
  • How to intake your new clients and get them set up
  • How to use business manager to manage your clients easier and effectively

Module 4

  • What not to do
  • Sample templates
  • How it only requires a little bit of effort, less than an hour a day, to produce big revenue!



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