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Email Prospecting Blitz – Best email marketing (course) platforms

Email marketing is very effective for small business owners. Small investors do not have enough budgets to develop and run an expensive website. However, Email marketing is a great way to reach targeted customers. They rely on free email providers list. But purchasing free email lists is not a good email marketing approach. The best email marketing approach is building your own list. One way of building your email list is conducting email campaign services. To send emails to thousands of clients, you can use email blast service.

To reach your client you may think how to find the best free email provider? Google, Yahoo offer free decent services with some Ads and limits.

What will I learn in this course?

How to turn cold prospects into hot prospective clients

How to land local clients without spamming or harassing them

Run email marketing campaign with minimal budget.

Email marketing process shown in course is updated, tested and easier to follow

The approach shown in the course will work for anyone-whether he is offline or online marketers.



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