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European Amazon Summit 2018 – best online business (Tutorials)

Affiliate marketing is quite profitable. It is now considered best online business. But you need to know the right way doing the business. One form of affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples’ products and earn commission from selling of the products. It may sound simple. One can earn $50-$100 per day to even thousands of dollars. The cash flow from affiliate marketing is so attractive that many people leave their 9-5 jobs and start an affiliate marketing business. The downside of the business is implementing bad strategies can let you down too. So you should know winning formula from experts.

What will I learn in this course?

  • You will learn proven techniques and methods that will help you to beat your competitors
  • Tax and VAT information when it is about starting your EU Amazon Business
  • Product and market research
  • Product sourcing and shipping
  • Product launch strategies in the European Union market.



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