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Facebook Automation PREMIUM v6.8 Cracked

How to crack any software license key is a challenging task for software programmers. Software developers build the tool in a way so that other programmers or hackers cannot break the code to make it available to use it free or with nominal price. Despite all of their efforts, hackers find their way and break the code of the main software to use it free. Facebook Automation PREMIUM v6.8 ,for example,is a crack version of the main software. The tool is used to automate Facebook Ad campaign task, send mass invitation to groups or users via email and many other Facebook related task.

Features at a glance

  • Allows you to fetch your groups list, friends list, pages, and more with ease.
  • Helps you search groups, check status using keywords. Also allow filtering group lists, joining useful groups, and leaving bad groups.
  • Sends Mass invitation to groups or users via email.
  • Helps you posting any message, single or multi-photos, or photo albums to groups.
  • Can tag any specific or random friends to a post.
  • Able to post mass private message to any user you choose.
  • To prevent the spam detection by Facebook, can random/spin message, link, images, and photos.
  • Can search users using keyword and able to send, get, or deny friend request automatically.
  • Able to convert users id to Facebook emails.
  • Can export emails, phones, and websites from public pages.
  • Can bump posts in groups or specify posts ids.
  • Can schedule your posts to anywhere like groups, public pages, private message, comment, etc.
  • Able to manage multi-Facebook accounts easily and gives proxy support for each account.
  • Being portable software, you don’t need to install to run it.

Instructions to follow

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