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Freelance Copywriter’s Code free online business (Tutorial)

A career in content marketing offers opportunities and challenges. Since content is king, online marketing business depends on writing quality content. However, the problem lies elsewhere. Nowadays learning anything is far easier than ever thanks to the advent of the Internet. Writing is not an exception. People learn writing techniques quickly and easily. The result is there is no shortage of writers around us. The outcome of availability of so many writers is finding writing jobs become difficult.

What will I learn in this course?

Freelance Copywriter’s Code is a 7-week course. It features real world, cutting edge training for freelance copywriters at all levels.

  • Step by step by process of writing high converting copy.
  • Writing specific types of content on a particular topic from the beginning to finish
  • Captivating email writing techniques that receiver of the mail would open and read
  • How to write press release that will convey clients message clearly and helps to expose them
  • How to write video scripts that get viewed and shared
  • Learn the techniques of writing enchanting case studies that help clients make more sales
  • How to write landing pages that will generate leads and subscribers



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