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Google Ads Ecom Academy Run Google Ads Profitably

Google Ads has immense importance for running a business profitably. Google Ads is great for lead generation and driving more traffic to your site. Traffic generated from Google Ads convert more than organic traffic. Google Ads work faster than SEO. The success of Google Ad is measureable. There are many other benefits of Google Ads. However, you need to know how to set up and run Google Ads effectively and efficiently. Otherwise, you will leave your money on the table.


What will I learn in this course?

  • Learn how to set up Google Ads accurately
  • Find the winning dropshipping products that will sale extensively on Google Ads
  • How to test products quickly without losing money
  • Learn how to optimize your content
  • How to scale your campaign to over $1000 per day by implementing horizontal scaling and automated bidding strategies.
  • How to set up Google account so that it does not get suspended or banned
  • Product research method-find the winning products for Google Ads
  • Updated Google testing method
  • An example of setting up a campaign and making it profitable
  • Campaign optimization techniques



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