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Get GPlusDominator v2.0.0.12 Agency Cracked for Free

GPlusDominator v2.0.0.12 Agency Crackedcomes with the promise to make your Googleplus task easier and more efficient. From now, managing circles and posting contentwill be easier than ever with its brilliant features.

Features at a glance

  • This GooglePlus marketing tool lets you manage your account with ease
  • Increase likes (+1’s) of your website or Google pages with Like increaser
  • Share and create community within your circle with community feature
  • Get maximum publicity by uploading photos with the photo feature
  • Create events, share and find events with keywords with Text feature
  • Set occupation, skills employment with more options by profile feature
  • Have features to add unique comment on post or on YouTube video url.

Instructions to follow

  • License key is in RAR file with password protection



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