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Hollywood Camera Work the process of using high end camera

What will I learn in this course?

The primary goal of The Master Course is imparting lessons on in High-End Blocking and Staging for the highest production value. Blocking is where the actors will be on the set and the first camera position

The course is especially designed for Cinematographers, Script Supervisors, Editors, 3D/VFX/Game Animators, Videographers, Actors, Writers


Cinematographers will learn the entire camera-plot, how to pick the best angles and brings out the emotions in the scene.

Script Supervisors

Script Supervisors will learn a deep understanding of how a camera works. By knowing a camera’s mechanism, they will more effectively block a scene.


Editor will learn which shots are needed. They will help the director regarding shot selection.


They will learn to create the most elegant and classy shots that will increase production value dramatically.


Actors will know the functionality of the camera. Learning how camera works will help to improve their performance.



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