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Online Marketing Classroom – Successful online business (Tutorial)

This course is live classroom training session. The training is taken place every single month. These workshops are designed to keep online marketers 100% up to date. So, the attendees will be one step ahead of their competitors. By attending the course, participants will learn valuable information like what strategies are working now. You can then implement those strategies in your own business.

What will I learn in this course?

The course will familiarizes you with some effective online marketing tools. In addition, every workshop features some new techniques.

The Pop-Up

This tool allows you to display dynamic and customized pop-up message boxes on your websites. It is one of the most effective ways to retain exiting traffic and also allows you to seamlessly build an email list.

The Attention Grabber

The Attention Grabber software is designed to build slick ‘floating banners’ that hover in the corners of your website.

The Billboard

Billboard Bars sit nicely at the top or bottom of your web page, and allow clickable messages to follow visitors throughout your website. The tool  is ideal for list building and for re-directing traffic to your most profitable pages.

Domains on fire

Domains on Fire is a real-time research tool for finding recently expired (or about to expire) domain names that rank (or ranked) in the top 10 of Google for certain keywords with high traffic and commercial intent. Once you find a domain, you then register it and either flip it or re-rank it for profit.

Ecommerce product finder

Randomly plucks out potentially profitable ecommerce niches in a matter of seconds

Keyworld Blaze

Find  profitable keywords for your niche as well as analyzing the backlinks for all the websites that rank in Google for each of these keywords

EBook launch pad

All-in-one suite of tools for Kindle which will help you make more money selling your digital books on Amazon’s marketplace of rabid buyers

The recent session taught participants on below things

  • YouTube optimization secrets for massive traffic
  • Secrets of scaling with social traffic
  • Facebook traffic plan for niche websites



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