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Get Pin Blaster Exclusive Edition v2.89 Cracked for Free

Pin Blaster Exclusive Edition v2.89 Crackedis image scrapper tool for you. Its brilliant features allow you to scrape hundreds of images from Pinterest in no times. It also finds good titles for those images and pins them on your account. And, you can do this by simply hitting a button.

Features at a glance

  • Able to manage multiple accounts and various activities like creating & deleting boards, viewing number of boards, checking validity of accounts, and etc.
  • Automatically follow and unfollow users based on category, keyword, user, or location
  • Gather pins and like, repin, comments in the pins
  • Able to pin your own pins and add them to your blog
  • Scrape pins based on category, keyword, or account and set custom texts before or after the original description

 Instructions to follow

  • License key is in RAR file with password protection
  • Extract the .rar files
  • Now, run the PinBlaster.exe files!

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