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Plagiarism Detector Pro Cracked SEO tools

Plagiarism Detector Pro Cracked is a desktop application and a seo tool which can check sets of documents against the database of major search engines in an effort to find the possible sources.  At the heart of SEO is posting unique content. Google penalize contents that are plagiarized. The tool defines the amount of shared information from those sources. Its structural complexity with functional simplicity built has made it one of the best automated detection tools of digital plagiarism. In search engine optimization analysis checking duplicate content is an important part. Your post will not rank high with duplicate content.  Another important search engine criteria is writing relevant content. Posting relevant content improves SEO score of your website. 

Features at a glance

  • Plagiarism Detector Pro Cracked keeps the reports private. They don’t collect or store the checked documents.
  • Checks documents against more than 7 billion on-line sources in less than 2 minutes. It does it instantly not leaving you at any queue.
  • It can integrate easily with the Microsoft products.
  • This tool has state-of-art advanced report viewer.
  • It has extended source tracing mechanism.
  • Plagiarism Detector Pro Cracked has advanced functions like 97% effectiveness, automatic reference detection and processing, quotes detection algorithms, PDF reports online converter, online report sharing.

Instructions to follow

  • First you need to extract the .rar files using the given password.
  • Select your WP sites and upload the plugin files (.zip)

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Please Use This Password To Extract RAR/ZIP Files! :

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