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Amazon Quick Money Course (Tutorial)

The course discusses many advanced Amazon affiliate competitive strategies like how to make money from paid traffic source, how to use landing page to increase revenue. Among other things, one interesting discussion was how to make money from affiliate marketing without knowing literally anything. It may dumbfound anybody. Just to give an example of the course content. The course started discussion on basic level-what is affiliate amazon?

Amazon affiliate is a way of monetizing your blog that means making money from your blog. Let me explain the monetizing process. Suppose you have a blog site. You promote a few highly popular products which are present on Amazon site by writing relevant blog post. Then if traffic of your site after reading the blog post purchase the product from Amazon you will earn some money as commission. The commission you earn called amazon affiliate commissions. Amazon affiliate commission rate depends on the type of products you are promoting. If you promote and sell a hairdryer for $50 for example, you may earn 4% that is $2.

What will I learn in this course?

  • How to put together a library of money making assets
  • Get traffic from pop advertising
  • How to get maximum value from paid traffic
  • Landing page 101-what does it meant to affiliate marketer
  • Process of affiliate team building
  • How to build assets and monetise any niche


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