Are You Logical Or Emotional?

Human beings have always been paradoxical creatures – we’re both methodical problem-solvers and passionately sentimental. We use reason to justify resentments and dismiss rational arguments when we don’t feel like it. Both traits have their merits and their drawbacks. What about you? Do you go with your gut or your brain? Are you empathetic to your fellow human beings but also prone to tantrums? Do you embrace facts and figures but are insensitive to your peers’ woes and worries? Take this test to determine whether you are predominantly logical or emotional. It’s 15 questions and should be finished in a reasonable amount of time. Unless you don’t feel like it.

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Are You Logical Or Emotional

According to a study from 1980, humans have eight innate core emotions: joy, fear, acceptance, sadness, surprise, anger, anticipation and disgust. Other emotions like love or remorse are combinations of those primary emotions.

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