What Style Of Witch Are You?

Many people are interested in astrology, tarot cards or magical rituals, but only a few can legitimately claim to possess the spiritual powers to call themselves a witch! Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a witch? There are after all many styles: just think of all the great films from The Wizard of Oz to Hocus Pocus to Practical Magic. Would we catch you soaring through the air on a broom or hunched over a cauldron stirring away at your latest potion? Try this fun personality test to find out how you would look like as a witch!

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What Style Of Witch Are You

We’ve all heard this type of story before: there was once an extraordinarily beautiful young woman from Belgium named Anne de Chantraine. She was a mini-celebrity and known all over the continent for her charm. At the age of 17, after dismissing the advances of a boy the same age, she found herself accused of witchcraft by the said pursuer.

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