Which Alien Would Abduct You?

They are coming. And mankind isn’t ready – invaders from outer space have already boarded their flying saucers and charged their rayguns. Eventually, we will have to bow to our alien overlords and submit to a life of serfdom and compliance. But before they begin a large-scale invasion, they need to know everything about our vulnerabilities, our strengths and whether we go well with steamed space-radish. So they’ve sent survey teams to collect a few samples. Samples like you. It will happen. It’s inevitable. But since humanity has so much to offer, it didn’t just attract one extraterrestrial species. So the only remaining question is: to which alien would you appeal the most for experimentation, disintegration and/or consumption? Take our FUN test and find out…

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Which Alien Would Abduct You

The truth is out there! For example, from 2008 to 2009, the UK’s “UFO desk” received 851 reports of UFO sightings. People described red, orange and white lights floating in the sky. So, what was the truth about these incidents? The lights out there were all Chinese lanterns from nearby weddings…

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