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Search Engine Conquest drive high converting traffic (Tutorial)

To become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to implement a holistic approach. You need to do keyword research, find the right product, generate leads, drive traffic. But at the heart of all of these methods is driving high converting traffic to your site since they will make the actual sale. And thus generate revenue. The objective of the course Search Engine Conquest  is to imparting lessons so that you can create high converting traffic.

 What will I learn in this course?

Search Engine Conquest  is a five -week training course. In each week you will learn different lessons.

Week 1:

  • Introduction to marketing fundamentals
  • Front end traffic- Syncing your data across Google Analytics, YouTube, and more for conversions and sales automation
  • Keyword Anatomy
  • How to build a Successful Shopify Store

Week 2:

  • Learn the Google Algorithm and how to leverage it to campaign success
  • How to create profitable Google Ad
  • How to optimize and scaling a campaign

Week 3:

  • Learn consumer behavior
  • Rerun on investment- learn that your campaign is successful
  • Lead generation- determine if keyword is valuable
  • Find the Wining products- lean if the product is profitable to promote

Week 4:

  • Bid strategy- Learn when to leverage machine based learning & Manual & Enhanced CPC Campaigns
  • How to create dynamic ads based on actions taken on landing pages tracked through Google Analytics
  • How to automate product testing & generate sales on the Google Shopping network
  • Case study of real campaign and ad.

Week 5:

  • How to make YouTube Ad-currently it is the most profitable ad campaign.
  • How to leverage search engines & YouTube for highly effective affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing- learn how to drive more targeted traffic



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