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Super Course – Earn money using Amazon affiliate websites (Tutorial)

Can self-publishing be a source of income? The answer is how much money you want to earn? The process is simple if the amount is small. But if you looking for a steady cash flow, the process is complex. From Self Publishing Blueprint course, you will learn the techniques of creating quality books and selling them using Amazon affiliate websites.

What will I learn in this course?

  • Finding a profitable Niche
  • Find keywords for your niche
  • Identify the most profitable keywords
  • How to accelerate keyword research
  • The main reason that fails most publishers
  • Determine the length and cost of your book
  • How to create catchy title and subtitle
  • How to manage Native English writer to write your book
  • Get the best graphic designer for your book cover
  • Setting up your KDP account the right way
  • Publishing your book on KDP and writing descriptions that sell
  • Formatting your book
  • Setting up your KDP Print Paperback Book The correct Way
  • How to maximize your profits on paperbacks
  • How to find the best virtual assistant
  • How to retain High-Quality VA’s long-term and loyal
  • Maintain your book profits long term


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