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Super Affiliate Strategies – Beginners to Pro (Tutorial)

In affiliate marketing, the top affiliates are also called the super affiliates. They generate the biggest percentage of an affiliate program’s profits. The objective of this course is making you a super affiliate.

Along with the main discussion of making you a super affiliate, the course also includes another popular affiliate program-etsy affiliate. Any idea about etsy affiliate? Etsy is a platform where people across the world can sell their home-made or vintage products.

What will I learn in this course?

The course comprised of 3 sessions. Each session discusses different aspects affiliate programs to make you a super affiliate.

Session 1: Become a Super Affiliate without An Email List

This session covers how to take over multiple spots in the search results for laser targeted, buyer keywords.

This session will also show you how to use free properties to drive traffic

Session 2: How to Build A Super Affiliate, Ultra Responsive Email List

This session will show how to build a super responsive list for any niche or market. Building a list will help safeguard your business instead of solely relying on SEO. The course demonstrator will also show you how this can actually help your rankings

Session 3: Super Affiliate Sequencing

This session will teach you

  • How to put together winning affiliate campaigns
  • How to drive traffic back to your site
  • Advanced email strategies to get more traffic to your offers



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