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The Course Launcher builds out an in-demand course (Tutorial)

Many people think that they do not know enough things on a specific matter to compose a book and publish it online. But the fact is you do not have to be an expert to publish an eBook.  What you need to do is conduct extensive online research, compile all relevant information regarding the topic and then publish it. You need to make sure that people will find accurate information that they are seeking from your course on a particular subject. Then the course will be a worthy one and will be sellable.

What will I learn in this course?

  • Step by step process of building an online course that will sell.
  • How to survey prospective students the right way
  • How to create a landing page and beta tester application
  • Techniques used in video production, screen recording and editing
  • Create engaging content by designing interactive PDFs
  • How to set up your membership platform
  • Set up email marketing system for your beta test
  • Conduct new student survey to find out where you need to optimize your course
  • How to develop your welcome email template
  • Get your course tested by 100 beta testers before its final launch



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