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Video Ads Masterclass 2018 – The power of video Ad

Internet users are increasing overwhelmingly across the world. This rapid expansion creates a great opportunity for millions of people earning a living online. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are all money making platforms. Among these, YouTube is quite popular to make money by crafting a video. At the beginning, you cannot make thousands of dollars by uploading a video to your YouTube channel. However, you can make money quickly if you have a strong subscriber base.

What will I learn in this course?

Video Ads masterclass 2018 is The Ultimate Video Ads Coaching & Training Course. It is a 6 week training course.

Week 1: The Basics & Orientation

Week 2: Targeting Options

Week 3: The Video Ad (scripting and CTA’s)

Week 4: Pre-Campaign Setup (Conversions, Retargeting, Etc…)

Week 5: Campaign Setup

Week 6: Reporting and Scaling

After completing the masterclass, you will become a YouTube Ads Expert and will be able to create campaigns easily to grow your business or promote businesses of  other people.


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