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Get Viking Facebook Tools 2018 v5.0 Cracked for Free

Viking Facebook Tools 2018 v5.0 Cracked can find UID, comment and reply automatically, convert UID to email and phone number, add and accept friend requests and join groups using the list of keywords. This tool will help you conduct marketing campaigns on Facebook efficiently saving your time and effort.

Features at a glance

  • Search and scan UID in friend list, groups, pages.
  • Scan UID comment in post with phone or email, post in fan page
  • Scan and search fan pages according to keywords
  • Comment automatically on post with token Facebook
  • Avoid spam causing nick ban
  • Send auto-reply to the people who sent text in fan page.
  • Send serial message, advertising message, at a quick pace.
  • Cover the UID file to be used in email and SMS marketing
  • Use the exported file for Facebook ads.
  • Add friends from UID list and Facebook suggestions
  • Unfriend the inactive Facebook nick
  • Accept friend request automatically
  • Invite friends to join group using the UID list or keyword
  • Block the admins and approve new member requests.

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One thought on “Get Viking Facebook Tools 2018 v5.0 Cracked for Free

  • February 7, 2019 at 1:05 am

    Dear Sir, Good evening, God be with you.

    I would like to know if the software you are installing is free. I’m starting to divulge my work and if I could get the Viking Facebook tolls, it will be very good for me and my family.
    Download the software, unzipped, however, data is requested for registration, such as:
    License Key:

    If it were indeed free, would you kindly inform me?

    My work email is or

    Thank you very much
    Health, Peace and Prosperity


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