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WeBuilder 2018 v15.1.0.203 Full Version

WeBuilder 2018 v15.1.0.203 Full Version comes with a promise to help you code quickly and efficiently. It is an intelligent and powerful all-in-one code editor with many smart features. This tool is bound to make your coding experience a faster, better, and exciting one.

Features at a glance

  • Text editor: Features Syntax highlighting, Advanced text editor, Unicode support, Code folding, Line highlighting, Macro recorder.
  • Search and navigate: Allows Go to anything, Multi-highlighting, Search and replace, Search and replace in files, Superb navigation, Bracket highlighting, HTML tag highlighting, easily detect matching and missing tags.
  • Keystroke savers: Has Auto-close brackets, Auto-close quotes, Smart Copy and Cut, Smart Paste, Emmet plugin.
  • User interface: Features both tabbed and MDI interface, Quick interface switching, Hide/show all side panels with a single key, Detailed customization.
  • Language tools: Features Code intelligence, Code explorer/navigator, Integration with online reference.
  • HTML and CSS: Has HTML and CSS inspector, HTML assistants, HTML tag auto-close, CSS assistants, Support for mobile development, Support for Google fonts, HTML and CSS code beautifier, CSS prefixizer, CSS minifier, SASS and LESS support, Integration with W3 validators, HTML and CSS, Integration with CSS HTML Validator, Integration with HTML Tidy for HTML5, Framework support, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4.
  • JavaScript: Features jQuery support, JavaScript code beautifier, JavaScript code minifier, Integration with JSHint.
  • PHP: Includes Realtime PHP syntax checker, PHP debugger (xDebug), PHP framework support, Smarty support, with code intelligence, PHP code beautifier, PHP 7 ready.
  • File management: Features Built-in file explorer, Edit/save directly on FTP/SFTP/FTPS server or quickly publish all changed files, Built-in FTP/SFTP/FTPS browser, Project management, SVN and Git integration, One-click HTML publishing.
  • Plugin support: Can Add your own features by writing plugins, plugins can be written in JScript and can utilize powerful Chromium engine, Plugin catalog.

Instructions to follow

  • At first, turn off your internet connection.
  • Now, you need to install the setup.
  • Install the patch and run the software.
  • Now it’s time to turn on your internet connection and done!

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